• Accelerating Decarbonization

  • Valuing Biodiversity and Water

  • Managing with ESG criteria

  • Promoting Circularity

  • Enhancing Human Development

  • Committed with Tomorrow

    Sonae’s commitment to sustainability is a commitment from all to all. The ambition
    established requires joint action by the businesses in our portfolio to accelerate the
    progress and sustainable performance of Sonae for the future of the planet and people.


    For a Future for People and the Planet

    Every day we are challenged to rethink the way we live and interact with things, and
    develop business in ever changing world. However, where there are challenges, there
    are new opportunities, and so we set ambitious goals for a better future. With the
    talent, energy and commitment of all, we make the right path for a fairer society and
    a regenerative planet.

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