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    Promoting the efficiency of processes

    Promoting the efficiency of processes

    Salsa implemented of the "Betterwash" Project, that aims to reduce the water consumption of the denim washing process. This goal will be guaranteed by improving the efficiency of washing processes, namely through techniques such as e-flow (spraying) technology and ozone machines to replace traditional washing processes with reduced water consumption and even elimination of your need in some processes. To guarantee the validation of the process, we rely on the expertise of an external organisation, the Control Union, to certify the process and calculate the water saving. By 2023, 100% of Salsa Jeans will need an average of 58% less water in the washing process, resulting in savings of 82 million liters of water (when compared to 2021).

    project targets


    water in the washing process by 2023

    by 2023 more than 82 million liters of water will be saved


    Salsa jeanswear collection is already Betterwash