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    Cerco Project

    For a more inclusive education

    For a more inclusive education

    As part of the partnership with the Porto City Council in the Porto de Futuro project, we have been sponsoring the Agrupamento de Escolas do Cerco since 2007. This partnership focuses in supporting school management and development, aiming at a greater participation of civil society in the life of schools.
    At Agrupamento do Cerco, we strive every day to improve the school's reputation, reduce early school dropout and promote entrepreneurship and citizenship initiatives, by strengthening the training offer, organizing workshops and field trips, and promoting curricular internships, among many other activities.
    In addition to students, our activity also aims to impact their families, teachers, and education professionals in this group. We believe that only by involving everyone, we will be able to achieve the best results! Since 2013, 337 students (59 in the 2021/2022 academic year) were supported, and their progress is very encouraging.