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    Dive tool

    A new wave of water efficiency tools

    A new wave of water efficiency tools

    At Sierra, we monitor and manage water consumption in our malls under management, and are committed to reducing water consumption, increasing the efficiency of our operations and using innovation and technology to rethink how water is used and managed. By improving water consumption efficiency and integrating systems for water reuse and rainwater harvesting, we are able to reduce exposure to the risk of water scarcity and minimize our water footprint. In 2014, Sierra developed the Dive® tool, which serves as a comprehensive water management and improvement program. This initiative was designed to assess a building's actual water consumption against an optimal theoretical simulation, identifying both technical and management-level improvement measures. In response to the escalating water stress scenario, in 2023, Sierra's response involved updating sanitary-ware standards, incorporating stringent water consumption requirements based on BREEAM In-Use/NC, Best practice, and Taxonomy regulations. Additionally, the Dive® benchmarking further reinforced Sierra's commitment to sustainable water management practices. The benchmark allowed us to identify 76 actions with in-vestments between 264 and 597 thousand euros that are expected to allow water savings of around 8%, corresponding to 102 thousand euros of costs avoided annually.