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    Dive tool

    A new wave of water efficiency tools

    A new wave of water efficiency tools

    Water scarcity is a global concern and Water crisis is in the Top 5 Global Risks in terms of impact identified by the World Economic Forum, and in the Top 10 Risks in terms of likelihood. In 2014, Sonae Sierra developed Dive®, a tool which allows to assess a building’s real water consumption against a theoretical optimal simulation, thereby identifying technical and management-level improvement measures. This model has been built to consider the different climatic and geographical settings; water-consuming systems, fixtures and fittings; occupancy patterns and visitor behavior that a building might have. It can identify the least efficient systems and operational routines, as well as quantify the environmental and financial benefits of the improvement measures. By comparing the optimal water consumption (assessed by the tool), with the real one, and comparing assets within a portfolio, clients gain valuable data that can be used to inform and shape decision-making, allowing them to assess the assets towards which the efforts should be driven.