• Accelerating Decarbonization

  • Valuing Biodiversity and Water

  • Managing with ESG criteria

  • Promoting Circularity

  • Enhancing Human Development

  • Our commitment
    for a sustainable

    Paulo Azevedo
    Paulo Azevedo
    “Working together for sustainable and responsible value creation – Shaping tomorrow, today.”

    Sustainable and responsible value creation

    “Sonae’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Compact were never forgotten or placed on hold. We are in a time when it is necessary to be even more inclusive, building bridges that bring together different perspectives, and working closely with all stakeholders to deliver long-term value.
    Our sense of purpose and our pledge to act to create today a better tomorrow for all, are increasingly shared amongst our stakeholders and are part of what makes Sonae distinctive.”

    People and Planet

    We aim to develop our activity within the planetary boundaries, in a just and fair way, pursuing the development of our people and communities
    Cláudia Azevedo
    Cláudia Azevedo
    “We will continue to drive growth and work together to create a better tomorrow for all.”

    Better tomorrow for everyone

    “Sonae remained firm in its pursuit for a better future, as we stood by our people and our communities while remaining committed to our environmental goals.
    The pace of change will not slow down. And there are always unexpected risks emerging on the horizon. But I am sure we will be ready to deal with them. This year is already packed with dynamic projects and initiatives, filled with innovation and sustainability.”

    Key figures 2022


    donated for


    reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic


    decrease of GHG emissions (2021 vs. 2018)


    of leadership positions held by women

    €31 M

    invested in community support

    Common policies

    Development of common
    policies and goals for the
    Sonae Group, setting similar
    targets for the different companies.

    Sustainable Synergies

    Creation of synergies
    between stakeholders
    and promotion of sustainability.

    Efficient practices

    Dissemination of best practices
    and know-how , and coordination
    of Sonae’s presence in external forums.

    How we manage sustainability

    At Sonae, we are highly committed to a long-term vision, and the need and urgency to go beyond the economic value generated by our businesses.

    To improve our sustainability performance, we reviewed our governance model with the establishment of the Sustainability Advisory Group, responsible for the development and adoption of common policies and principles of action, and established clearly defined goals and targets in our priority Action Axes.