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    A future for everyone

    A future for everyone

    Sonae is one of the three founding members of PRO_MOV, an initiative that aims at reskilling the Portuguese working force that is currently unemployed or at risk. PRO_MOV is part of the Reskilling 4 Employment (R4E) by the ERT and it is focused on the following areas: Business (Business Intelligence and Sales Excellence), Healthcare, Tech & Digital, Green Economy and Other (Logistic, Industry and Agriculture). Each area is coordinated by a prominent organisation that will design a reskilling plan, surpassing the gap between available skills and expected market trends and needs. The success and relevance of this initiative were highlighted by the recent subscription and association by the Business Roundtable Portugal and 17 of its 42 member organisations.
    In 2022, pilot projects were launched in Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. In Portugal, PRO_MOV implemented seven labs involving over 100 participants. The results are very promising and PRO_MOV in Portugal will now scale up to achieve the goal of reskilling 20 thousand people by 2025