• Accelerating Decarbonization

  • Valuing Biodiversity and Water

  • Managing with ESG criteria

  • Promoting Circularity

  • Enhancing Human Development


    Training Programme on Sustainability

    Everyone is focused on sustainability

    Everyone is focused on sustainability

    To promote a complete alignment and knowledge sharing on this topic across the portfolio, Sonae has implemented several initiatives that raise awareness of sustainable causes and demonstrates how Sonae relentlessly strives to address the challenges of sustainability. The Training Programme on Sustainability is one of these initiatives. It was developed to disseminate and extend the knowledge of our global team on the urgency of sustainability-related topics and Sonae’s principles, initiatives and projects. It applies to everyone in Sonae and includes an in-depth selflearning component, exploring data and specific information about each of the sustainability strategic axis, using an innovative and technological approach to increase user engagement and knowledge retention.