• Accelerating Decarbonization

  • Valuing Biodiversity and Water

  • Managing with ESG criteria

  • Promoting Circularity

  • Enhancing Human Development

  • Valuing Biodiversity and Water
    promoting their protection,
    restoration and regeneration

    Our approach

    Contribute to the protection, restoration and regeneration of nature and its ecosystem services,
    encompassing soils, potable water and oceans, by acting to prevent and reduce the
    impacts and pressures of our businesses activities throughout the value chain on
    natural ecosystems, and promoting its conservation and regeneration.

    Our commitment

    Actively contribute to halt
    and reverse biodiversity
    loss by 2030

    Ensure zero deforestation in
    operations and supply chain
    Zero Deforestation Commitment

    Take action to protect and
    improve efficiency of water
    resources utilization

    Our progress in 2023

    + 11.000 ha

    invested in the conservation of biodiversity


    trees financed
    for arborization

    423 mil m3

    of water consumed, 60% in water stress
    zones. We are improving monitoring systems controls


    *The "deforestation-free" figure corresponds to the 1st assessment of our progress and the MC, Worten and Zeitreel, refer-ring to the year 2022, with the criterion of no country risk or absencce of deforestation through a certification scheme or other control and monitoring mechanisms of commodities purchased.

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